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NATIONAL FOREST TIMBER SALE TAHOE NATIONAL FOREST PRE-ADVERTISEMENT The Tahoe National Forest intends to advertise timber designated for cutting in the Robinson/Elliot Integrated Resource Timber Contract (IRTC). Robinson Flat is a hazard tree removal centered in the immediate area of the campgrounds and historic buildings within the Robinson Flat Campground. Elliot Meadow Restoration is in its second phase of tree thinning and removal. The Robinson Flat portion is located within portions of T.15N., R.l3E., Sections 10, 11, 14 and 15, MDM. Included timber to be cut and removed from the sale area will consist of an estimated 2,181 Green Tons (594 CCF / 389 MBF) of sawtimber. It is comprised of 20 acres of mechanical thinning in the harvest area. The Robinson Flat Campground is currently closed to the public for safety reasons. This portion of the contract will need to be harvested and cleaned up for public use as soon as soil conditions allow during the 2021 season. Proposed Stewardship Projects connected with the Robinson Flat portion of this contract are as follows: Stump grinding of approximately 370 stumps. This number is composed of a mix of existing and newly harvested stumps indicated by an orange dot on the stump. Removal of existing dead and down logs and pieces from campgrounds. Removal of activity generated slash, i.e., branches and broken stems from the area of the campground and historic buildings to be piled at the landing. Placement of logs along meadow edge and trails where needed to restrict vehicle access. Gravel delivery and placement on roads within the campground. Elliot Meadow is located within portions of T.l5N., R.11E., Sections 9 and 10 MDM. Included timber to be cut and removed from the sale area will consist of an estimated 3,332 Green Tons (993 CCF / 597 MBF) of sawtimber. There are 40 acres surrounding the exterior of the meadow edge. This is a leave tree mark. In the interests of visual quality, the mark is a 1/2 stripe of orange on the back side of all trees. This advance notice is to afford interested parties time to examine the sale prior to the area being inaccessible due to winter weather. Information specific to this project and maps of the sale area are available to the public from the Forest Supervisor, Tahoe National Forest Supervisor's Office, 631 Coyote Street, Nevada City, California 95959, (530) 265-4531; or the District Ranger, American River Ranger District, 22830 Foresthill Road, Foresthill, CA 95631, (530) 492-5631. The final advertisement will contain final minimum stumpage rates, bidding provisions, and other sale conditions. To obtain documents related to this sale, use the Tahoe National Forest webpage at . USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Publication: December 3, 2020 Ad #0000641958