95924 | 12/02/2020 | Ad id: 4-0000641824-01

DOMESTIC WATER SUPPLY INFORMATION REQUEST Information is hereby requested concerning domestic water supplies within and downstream from an amendment to an existing timber harvest plan (THP) so that added protection may be incorporated. Timber harvesting and road construction is proposed in portions of Sections 09, 10, 11, 15, 16, 21, and 22 of T16N, R10E MDBM. The plan area is accessed by traveling roughly 7 miles north east on Red Dog and Banner Quaker Hill Road from Nevada City or roughly 10 miles north-east of Highway 174 on You Bet and Chalk Bluff Road. This plan amendment area resides in the Upper Steephollow Creek and Buckeye Ridge watersheds. South Fork Greenhorn Creek, Tributaries to Greenhorn Creek, and Buckeye Spring are the major watercourses flowing out of or adjacent to the THP area which may be affected. If you have any surface domestic water usage within this area or 1000 feet downstream, please respond within 10 days of this publication date to: Sierra Pacific Industries P.O. Box 1450 Cedar Ridge, CA 95924 c/o Dan Ziebron Published: December 2, 2020 AD# 0000641824