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NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING BY THE CITY OF NEVADA CITY COUNCIL TO CONSIDER A CITY SPONSORED ANNEXATION PROPOSAL FOR THE CITY OF NEVADA CITY TO ANNEX 35.2 ACRES INTO THE CITY LIMITS OF NEVADA CITY AND TO CONSIDER THE PREZONE OF THOSE PROPERTIES AND A GENERAL PLAN LAND USE DESIGNATION AMENDMENT FOR A PORTION THEREOF NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard, the City Council of Nevada City will hold a public hearing at City Hall, 317 Broad Street, Nevada City, California to consider a city-sponsored annexation proposal of approximately 35.2 acres and pre-zoning and General Plan land use designation amendment, for properties in three distinct areas of the City and comprising a 35.2 acre recommended annexation area within the City's Sphere of Influence (SOI). The Nevada City Planning Commission recommended that City Council proceed with a Resolution of application to annex Areas A through C comprising the 35.2 acre area and made the following recommendation for pre-zoning and a general plan land use designation amendment: 1. A 3.73-acre area (Area A) along Gold Flat Road, consisting of six parcels (APNs 037-050-035, 037-060-006, 037-060-075, 037-060-009, 037-060-010, 037-060-011) with a recommended pre-zone of Rural Residential (RR). 2. A 27.64 acre area (Area B) at Gold Flat Road and State Highway 49, consisting of four parcels including a Caltrans maintenance yard and a portion of State highway 49 (APNs 037-230-037, 035-230-036, 035-230- 035, 035-230-033 and 16.3 acres of highway right-of-way) with a recommended pre-zone of Public with a Scenic Corridor Combining District (P-SC) and a 1.5 acre parcel (APN: 035-230-033) with a recommended General Plan Designation of Employment Center (EC) and a recommended pre-zone of Light Industrial (LI); 3. A 3.83 acre (Area C) along Bourbon Hill Road, consisting of seven parcels (APNs 036-301-036, 036-301-067, 036-301-068, 036-301- 038036-301-039, 036-301-040, 036-301-035) with a recommended pre-zone of Rural Residential (RR). The planning commission further recommended that the pre-zoning of these properties can be found exempt under Section 15061(b) (3) of the CEQA Guidelines because it can be seen with certainty that there is no possibility that the activity in question may have a significant effect on the environment. The pre-zoning will provide land use designations that are either compatible with existing developed uses or compatible with the Nevada City General Plan Land Use Designations and the planned use of the properties to be annexed. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that written comments may be filed with the City Planner during regular working hours at City Hall prior to or during said hearing. A copy of the annexation application is available for inspection at City Hall, 317 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA. Comments can be submitted to 317 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA 95959. Comments are encouraged to be emailed to the following email address: Email Me by 2 pm the day of the meeting. Every effort will be made to read all comments into the record, whether before or after that time period. IF YOU CHALLENGE the City Council's decision on this matter in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the public hearing described in this notice or in written correspondence delivered to the City Planner at or prior to the hearing. Amy Wolfson, City Planner Email: Email Me Publication: July 28, 2020 Ad #0000603983